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Succeeding: Take advantage of the internet

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By Ethan Musolini

Posted  Tuesday, December 17  2013 at  00:00

Some things come along and change the world or way of being for most people. Internet is one of those. Some people have taken advantage of this medium and changed their lives financially, mentally or spiritually, and there are those who are behaving like it doesn’t exist. There are those in the middle who know about it but have not taken advantage. If you are part of the latter group, come closer and we shall have a chat. If you have been acting like the internet doesn’t exist, then wake up. Here are a few ways on how to take advantage.

You can type any question in and you will get some ideas and lots of suggesting from around the world. If it’s computer related, there are countless videos which are screen capture based (those are recordings showing what the person is doing on their computer screen) on YouTube. For example, let’s say you don’t have a clue on how to turn a word document into pdf, you just go to

Then type these words in the search box – “how to convert a word document into pdf” and in a matter of seconds (depending on the speed on your internet connection), you will have many videos which can demonstrate to you how to do it.

Get a web presence. Create a website or hire someone who can do it for you. I met a professional who is self-employed now and his prospect asked him for his website but unfortunately, he didn’t have one. It can be embarrassing. Now, you might say…”I don’t have the money to design and host a website”.

I have you covered as well. Visit and set up a free blog for a start to market yourself, products or services. It’s simple to set up. But if you are stuck, again use the trick we talked about earlier.

I have also seen some smart people posting their resumes on blogs.

If you can, build an email list which you can update your contacts and clients. You could also announce your products and services.

Networking is a good place to network with professionals, entrepreneurs and decision makers. It’s a site that I’m yet to maximise. Use social networks to connect to other people.

You just never know who you might hook up with. Twitter, forums, chat rooms…just get into the mix.

Facebook is the king of networking. You can’t argue with a platform that is over one billion people. Invite people to be your friends, create groups and comment in an engaging and useful way.

There are people who shun it because they get interrupted a lot through chat. Then turn it off such that people never know when you are online. Don’t just go out there to only market yourself. Add value first and the over time, it will be easy to talk about yourself. Just get into the internet game.

Ethan Musolini is the CEO of Success Africa, a motivational speaker, author and HR consultant.