Monday August 11 2014

The best of Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool was delighted when his children Beata (M) and Alpha brought him a bouquet on stage. 


The VIPs strolled on the red carpet and were led to another conference room where they were treated to a cocktail that was followed with dinner. At 8.30pm, the general sitting area was packed to capacity. The VIPs were also done with their dinner and they moved down into Victoria hall.

The list included guests like the Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. Katumba Wamala and his wife, East Africa’s richest man Sudhir Ruparelia and his son Rajiv, Mr and Ms Gordon Wavamuno, Geoffrey Kirumira, his wife and son, Mutaasa Kafeero and other Kwagalana Group members. Meanwhile, the crowd at the concert was kept out on the fact that the event was being broadcast live on NTV.

At 8.35pm, Bebe stepped on stage in a black robot-like outfit, glowing with LED lights. He was visibly happy as he opened the show with his Big Size hit. Even the sound was superb. It was loud enough for everyone to hear the music properly, yet people were able to talk to each other without having to raise voices like is the case at stadium concerts.

The performance
Bebe Cool performed live all through and he started with low tempo tracks like Why You Leave Me, Oh Mama the title-track of his latest album, Mandela, and Why Africa, which he emotionally preached to the crowd.

Bebe later introduced Annet Nandujja and her traditional Planet dancers. The crowd went ecstatic as Bebe took on Nadujja’s dancers in the traditional Bakisimba dance as they did their Kamungolo duet.

The only other people that shared the stage with Bebe were his cousin Short Kut, his manager Tickta and two youngsters; nine-year old Leone who played the piano as well as 11-year old Rayc whose voice didn’t only attract cheers but got tycoon Kirumira dipping into his pocket and tipping her several Shs50,000 notes.

The other plus of the event were the dancers who although pulled several erotic moves, were loved by the crowd.
The concert was dubbed the Best of Bebe Cool and one aspect Bebe proved to best at, was his wardrobe. He changed into different attires over seven times.

Bebe closed the concert with his new trending hit Love You Everyday. He was joined by his daughter Beata and son Alpha who handed him a bouquet. Unlike his past shows, Bebe ended the show at midnight, on the dot. Revellers went home in agreement that Bebe Cool has set a new trend for concerts.The glitches
Like any other great show, this one didn’t not go without flaws. Much as Steve Jean and his Fenon team are known to strive for perfection, there were a few sound glitches with echoes of distorting sounds.

Also, for some reason, Bebe Cool, chose to hold a show without an MC, yet he took several breaks to change into different costumes. It was not cool to leave the crowd staring at a stage with no activity, for more than six breaks.

sold out
Money couldn’t buy a ticket: Bebe Cool and his team knew the show had sold out hours before the opening time, but they didn’t take the trouble to communicate to the public about the development. Many people were bounced yet they were ready to pay even as much as Shs200,000 for a ticket.

The sponsors: The show was made possible with support from Club Beer, Pepsi, SMS One and Daily Monitor sister company KFM.