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Living and Loving it: The estate breaks its promises

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By Carol Beyanga

Posted  Monday, December 16  2013 at  02:00

I am quite miffed right now at the state of affairs in our neighbourhood. It started four years ago when we had just shifted. I remember being shown a piece of land that we were told would be gardens for people to relax in and enjoy nature. I thought that was a novel idea in this part of town and I was happy about it. We had settled in a clearly marked estate. That day, I saw two ladies taking a walk as they pushed a pram with a baby in it. I imagined taking a walk with our older daughter, meeting with other mothers and babies and having a good time in the gardens.

Change of plan
So, as you might have guessed, the gardens have never materialised. Instead, different types of crops have been planted there which is not a bad thing really, as at least someone is getting fed or making some money.

Recently though, we saw a few trucks offloading bricks at the site, making my hopes for the garden dwindle even further. It will probably never be made.
Another thing we were assured the estate would have was proper disposal sites for the rubbish. I was particularly happy about this because one thing I had planned on, as we were making final arrangements to move to the estate, was to do my little bit for the environment.

So when we moved, I ensured that we had two bins in the house, one for bio-degradable items which we put in a pit and later use as manure in the garden, and the second for non-bio-degradable stuff. It was the latter I was worried about getting rid of. I did not want to throw it in the bush or swampy areas like some of our neighbours do.

I wanted to get rid of it in a proper manner. To-date we are still waiting to be told about where the sites are. For now, we collect the rubbish in bin bags and have someone help us dispose of it in a place he says is fit for that. I hope he is not deceiving us.

All the above I have been able to stomach. It is the latest development that is making me consider walking to the manager of the estate in protest. We now have a clinic smack in the middle of the estate.

One of the houses we thought would be a home to a family soon, carries a banner letting people know it is now open to offer medical services! We all know that it is a good thing to have a (good) clinic nearby for those emergencies.

Who decided for us?
But this was not part of the bargain! This was supposed to be a little neighbourhood of homes and families. If we were going to have other helpful amenities such as clinics, restaurants and the like, they should have been put in another building, separate from the estate houses and labelled clearly so. Instead we have this.

What shall we have next, another house becoming a club, and another a church? Talk about broken promises.