Saturday December 29 2012

Top movies of 2012

Daniel Craig had a successful year 2012.

Daniel Craig had a successful year 2012.  

By Derrick Nomujuni

As the year comes to close we take time to look back at the best the silver screen had to offer. In my view the low in my movie world was Nicolas Cage’s consistent below par performances. While on the up side, the big budget blockbusters tended to live up to expectations and are evidence that maybe Hollywood is starting to realise that smart movies do sell. Here is my pick of some of the movie highlights.

Sky Fall
The thing with Bond movies is you go to watch them knowing what they are all about. A guy in a tuxedo tasked with saving the world plus he always gets the girl or is it that plural. In this movie, Daniel Craig took Bond and created him in his own image and I must say I liked what I saw.

Dark Knight Rises
This movie will probably have people debating for years because you either love or can’t finish it. I however have a party ticket for the former. Anne Hathaway’s performance as Cat Woman was stellar while Bane, the villain in this movie, had me rooting for him at some point as I was in awe of his badness.

Well the ‘Benfa’ days may be over, but Ben Affleck has not missed a step since and these days he is more famous for the quality of his work than for who he is dating. His performance in this movie is simply mind blowing, with Oscar buzz surrounding it.

Flight Plan
What can be said about Denzel Washington that has not already been said? His performance in this movie took a forgettable film in my regard and lifted it to unfathomable heights. Washington is the poster child for consistency in delivering at its very best.

D’jango Unchained
Quentin Tarentino is a movie genius and with this production he continues to add to his collection of reputable movies [Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds, Reservoir Dogs] under his belt. Jamie Foxx’ role is not to be understated in this slave-centered heart felt production.

Clean Skins
This British production featuring Sean Bean takes you into the minds of a terrorist and the people supposed to be after this loot. This movie gives insight that will have you thinking that things are not simply black and white as there is a whole lot of grey.

Get the Gringo
This movie did not get the credit it deserved, but Mel Gibson was simply excellent. This movie had me rolling on the ground in stitches with legs raised swinging in the air. The plot and dialogue were not only original but out of this world.

Ides of March
Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of an idealistic campaign organiser has me thinking he is definitely the next big shot, cut from the same mould as the likes of Di Caprio and Washington, especially following his kickass role in Drive last year.

Silver Linings Playbook
Jennifer Lawrence follows her success with Hunger Games with one of the best romantic comedies of the year. One of those movies that is sure to warm your insides yet still leaving you with a smile on your face.

Rust and Bone
This, in my books, has to be one of the most heartfelt love stories of the year. A dark tale of a street fighter and a damaged dolphin trainer whose love saves them from the brink of despair. If you have a heart, this story is sure to literally move it. At least mine seemed to be out of place after watching this tale.
Other movies worthy of mention include; Dangerous Liasions, Hunger Games, Savages, Zero Dark Thirty and The Master.