Thursday July 3 2014

Ugandans jointly win EU human rights award

L-R The EU head o f delegation to Uganda Mr.

L-R The EU head o f delegation to Uganda Mr. Kristian Schmidt, the Executive Director Human Rights Network Mr. Mohammed Ndifuna and Ms. Gladys Canogura the executive director of Kitgum Women Peace Intiative (KIWEPI) receiving the Annual winners Defenders Awards from the EU Human Rights ceremony. PHOTO BY RACHEL MABALA 

By Stephen Kafeero

Ugandans, Mohammed Ndifuna of the Human Rights Network Uganda, Gladys Canogura from the Kitgum Women Peace Initiative, and Christine Alalo, the assistant commissioner of police in-charge of child and family protection jointly won the 2014 European Union (EU) annual Human Rights Defenders Award for their contribution towards the promotion and protection of human rights.
This year’s award went to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution towards the promotion and protection of human rights in Uganda.
The trio was awarded after the judges failed to single out one recepient.
Ndifuna was recognised for his instrumental contribution towards the establishment of the National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders and for being a leading figure in human rights CSO cooperation and being outspoken on all human rights issues.
The 56-year-old has more than 10 years of experience in NGO management with an MBA (management) from Nkumba University.
He is also a member of different international organisations like The International Communication Association and the Association of Teachers of Technical writing.
Canogura was recognised for her work in northern Uganda, sensitising communities about human rights issues like the right to education, advocating against all forms of abuse against children and women.
She has also been a strong advocate for people in the north and advocating for accountability from government.
Alalo on the other hand got the accolade for her professionalism as a member of the police and her commitment to rescue abused women and children and protect their rights, providing counsel to them and mediating in cases of potential domestic violence in Uganda.