Monday February 17 2014

We thank God for his blessings


By Carol Beyanga

It has taken a little while longer for our girl to settle into her new school than we thought it should take. But who are we to wonder anyway? I was probably worse when I was her age. That said, things are getting better.
For starters, she now talks when she gets up in the morning. Sometimes she is arguing or quarrelling about something gone wrong and other times she is laughing.
At first I was worried she would wake her little sister but now I worry no more. I am just happy to hear her wake up feeling brighter, than previously. She also takes her breakfast fairly well.

A whole new world
Best of all, she no longer frowns or scowls when I am taking her to class. She sometimes smiles, jokes with me and calls out to her friends when she sees them. She also tells me stories unprompted, about her new friends, the food and games they play.
Surprisingly, one of the best things for her about school is homework! She loves to open her book, get out her pencils and concentrate on her work. In fact, on one day, she felt she had too little to do and asked me to give her more. So that’s good tidings on that front and like my friend Tegulle, reminds me to do, we thank God.
Now we have to get used to a different schedule altogether. First there is the homework. We used to get homework once a week on Fridays when she was still in nursery. Now, we get it every school day!

I used to get up at 6.30am, even 7am and still make it to work on time.
Now I have to be up at 5.30am sharp or else we will be late. We also fight to ensure the girl is in bed by 8pm. She used to sleep at 9pm and so wonders why she must now go to bed an hour earlier. Somehow, she does not connect her being sleepy in the morning with sleeping later than her bedtime at night.
Trouble is, her baby sister always wants to go to bed with her at the same time. This is actually a good thing, only that the baby ends up staying wide awake in her bed, (since she has a nap in the afternoon) and bored, calling out to everyone and saying “gu-nite”about 15 times. And then there is the fuel.

During the week, we filled the fuel tank as we usually do. The price of fuel had gone up a little and hubby was wondering why. On Friday, during the day, he called to let me know that there was a fuel crisis of sorts and we needed to plan accordingly. I was happy that we had filled the tank on Monday and felt we still had enough to take us a little longer.
But when I got into the car and looked at the fuel gauge, my mouth dropped. “Where was all the fuel going?” I wondered. It hit me minutes later that our morning route had increased by about four more kilometres every morning, as her school is not on the way to town. And that is where the petrol was going!
And yet in everything, we thank God, because we have indeed been blessed.