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What’s with women and showing them the money?

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By Mike Ssegawa

Posted  Thursday, December 5   2013 at  02:00

Which girlfriend doesn’t want money? If you have one, I envy you. Truth be told – all ladies want a “giving man”. Am I wrong sisters?

While most men are willing to open their wallets, many detest the idea that their girlfriends think they are ATM machines. Of course most men will go ahead and show you the money, albeit, grudgingly.

Take for instance, Brenda, whom Patrick meets in a banking hall, takes her number and two days later he is to meeting her for coffee.
Brenda comes dressed for the occasion. She can sustain a conversation about the divorce of 82-year-old billionaire Rupert Murdoch. She is up to date with Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil’s exploits in the English Premier League and she knows about the KCCA Act and how it was passed in haste. And oh! She also knows why with time Erias Lukwago and Jennifer Musisi will kiss and make up.

Patrick is impressed! But, she isn’t done yet. Once her coffee pot is empty, she tells him she missed lunch. He doesn’t mind ordering for a pizza. After the pizza, she wants some wine to wash it down. He obliges - It is a date and he wants to please.

She notices his generosity and takes her game a notch higher: “My rent is due. And this month I am really doing badly. I used to stay with my sister, but she moved in with her boyfriend. I stay with our last born, who is in her first year at the university.” So she is looking for someone to help with part of this stress.”
He smiles. But she is serious. He asks: “How come a 25-year-old unmarried woman does not get help from her family?”

“I have grown up solving my own problems,” she says. You wonder what independence she is talking about.

Apparently, she rents a Shs700,000 per month apartment in Bukoto and her net monthly salary is Shs900,000.

You don’t want to laugh. This girl must be a miracle worker, considering the ratio of her spending to her earnings.

Since it is the first date, Patrick keeps his opinion to himself. He wants to tell Brenda that it is crazy of her to expect someone else to pay her rent when her problem is poor planning. However – since most women are psychic – she knows what he is thinking and she pre-empts it.

“My ideal boyfriend should be in position to spoil me with love (love!), pay for my flat, take me out whenever I want, buy me a vitz and take me shopping to Jo-burg or London.”
That is when he wakes up to realise – this woman is looking for an “investor” – but he is not Patrick Bitature.
Before the night ends, lovely Brenda asks for cab fee back to her flat, and, if possible, some pocket money for “wasting” her evening with him.

This, My friend, is a true story. “Why on earth should a beautiful woman spoil a first date with her money woes?” Patrick returned to me wailing.

Ladies, men may want to appear free spenders but at the end of the day, they ask for value for money.

Unless you are someone’s wife, don’t expect a man to break a bank to quench your material girl fantasy. If you are indeed looking for a man to marry you, keep your money appetite in check. It never puts you in good books.
Patrick could have run away from Brenda but he cannot let go of the idea of meeting a realistic, down-to-earth girl, who understands current affairs, loves Arsenal and is eye candy too. Poor boy!