Sunday November 19 2017

The ‘carry on’ effect



By Ethan Musolini

A title for an article just popped up in my head as I was wondering what I should write about. Two words – carry on. Then, it appeared as if I had ever listened to a song of the same title. So, I quickly checked online and sure enough, there it was. A song by the rock band FUN. I listened to it on YouTube and it was an amazing song. The lead singer Nate Ruess has one of the most authentic and distinct voices you will ever listen to.

Uplifting moment
My fingers tinkered around and found myself on Wikipedia to learn more about the group. Unfortunately, they split, but promised to get back together. Again my itching fingers took me around to find the lyrics and some were uplifting.
“If you’re lost and alone. Or you’re sinking like a stone. Carry on. May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground. Carry on. Carry on, carry on”
Sometimes the past may not be exciting. Sometimes the past may be painful. Sometimes your past may not be something to sing about. Sometimes your past is regrettable. My wish for you like the song goes is that may it be simply the sound of your feet upon the ground. Carry on my friend.

Fighting spirit
Your friends may have doubted you in the past. Your employers may have abused you. Your colleagues may have questioned you and backstabbed you. Carry on.
Your parents that you loved so dear may have given up on you. Your parents that you cherished the most may have forgotten you. Carry on. Your guardians that you used to look up may have moved on and you are in pain. Carry on. Your loved ones may have broken your heart and you are still struggling to mend the broken pieces. Carry on.
You may have been in so much pain to a point of doubting your faith. You may have been in so much struggle to a point of questioning the presence of God. Carry on. You may have seen so much cruelty around you to a point of questioning the existence of humanity. You have seen people lose their souls over petty things. Your former rolemodels could have failed. Carry on.
The music that used to inspire you could be triggering memories of regret. What used to make you smile makes you cry. What used to inspire you may be the last thing you want to see in your face. The voices that used to uplift you may be the same voices that are pulling you down. Carry on.
Time may seem to be running out. Your chances may be slim. The crowd around you may be saying stop. And I say to you, carry on. The future may seem bleak according to logic. The analysts may be saying what is depressing. The experts may be writing you off. Carry on.

We are who we are
What used to be space of stardom could have turned into a place of doom. Carry on. You may be the last one standing, carry on. You may be hanging onto your last shilling or dollar, carry on. Sometimes things are not going your way, just carry on. Your legs may be tired. Your soul may be weary. Your spirit weak. Your eyes sleepy. Just carry on. Until your last breath, carry on.
Possibly, if you keep on keeping on, one day, you will meet me or call me or email me to recite the following lyrics in the same song…”We are shining stars. We are invincible. We are who we are”

Ethan Musolini is a CEO Success Africa, motivational speaker, author and HR consultant.