Friday March 14 2014

spreading privacy to the city

Mackinnon Suites Restaurant is spacious and

Mackinnon Suites Restaurant is spacious and offers a variety of cuisines for different clusters of people. PHOTO BY MICHAEL KAKUMIRIZI 

By Abdulaziizi K. Tumusiime

Does the media influence our decisions? Well, sometimes. The other day I was watching NTV Login, a programme that airs on NTV. On the particular day, the beautiful lady who hosts the show was covering an event at Mackinnon Suites Restaurant. She was full of praises for the place. She said: “Oh my God! This place is beautiful, the ambience is beautiful, the food is beautiful. Everything is beautiful.”
When opportunity to give myself a treat struck, I did not lose sleep in choosing the place to hang out. The beautiful show host had already suggested one for me. I tried but failed to interest myself in going anywhere else. Against this background, I was convinced that the media, at times, plays a role in the choices we make. This was my experience at the restaurant.

The ambience
It borrows its name from its location; Mackinnon Road, Plot 15 in the leafy part of Nakasero in Kampala.
On arrival, I was ushered past the reception lounge by a light-skinned lady in a brown uniform. I noticed the resemblance between the uniform’s colour and that of the chairs’ and spindles. “Would you like to sit in the atrium restaurant or the terrace?” the young lady asked. “I want to seat in Mackinon suites restaurant,” I replied. She chuckled and said: “You are in the right place sir. Atrium and terrace are divisions of the suite’s restaurant.”
I decided to have a tour of both so I could make an informed decision. Atrium, like the meaning of the word, occupies a large open space in the building. Its interior decorator must have been passionate about his work. The combination of pieces of art lining the walls, decorative aquariums seated on bamboo tables and potted branches of palms trees lend the eatery a nice appearance.

The well-lit upper deck is the finishing touch. Adjacent to the atrium is an immaculate and well-stocked bar.
The terrace lies on a wide balcony of the building’s second floor. Privacy is its second name. The lights are dim and only someone you’ve made an appointment with will know how to find you. There is a cool breeze from the trees that lies a stone throw away.
At the end of my tour of both restaurants, I was spoilt for choice. Eventually I opted for the atrium.

The ballads that were being played by Mysty Band – it performs there every Wednesday from 8 to 11pm – in this segment of the restaurant, complemented the mood I was in.
Their menu has the Chinese cuisine, Indian and local dishes. It has an extensive selection of South African wines, cocktails, whiskeys and juices.

My mood called for a snack. I ordered for chicken and french fries at Shs25,000. I washed this down with a glass of Café latte (a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk) which cost Shs6,000. It was worth it.
Did I mention the large flat screens positioned at the centre of the restaurant? No. They are intertwined to form a triangular shape. No matter the angle you are seated at, you can see what is on the screen. They aslo have ample underground parking.

The NTV Login host influenced me. I hope I am influencing you.
All in all, this is an ideal place for those that want to network with various business people from different organisations in a relaxed hangout.

If you go
Venue. Mackinnon Suites Restaurant
Food. Meals cost between Shs25,000 and Shs50,000.
Drinks. An espresso costs Shs6,000, juice is at Shs7,000, cocktail juice at Shs8,000, water is Shs2,500, soda is Shs2,500, while beer costs Shs6,000
Entertainment. A live band plays every Wednesday and there are two giant TV screens . Every Monday and Tuesday there is happy hour between 6 and 8pm with drinks at discounted rates.