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what it means to have a boss from hell

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Posted  Wednesday, December 25  2013 at  02:00

I’m Akello (not real name), I have been working in an organisation where I’m in charge of purchasing stationery and other office necessities for close to six years now. The nature of my job demands that I’m in possession of money most of the time. However, my new boss always thought I took some of the office property and money home for personal use.
The father of my children lives abroad and often sends me money for home use, which I sometimes carry to office, but my boss would think that my personal money was always part of organisation money.

He never left office before I signed out, and always went into the store to count everything after I had left.
Before this new boss joined us, our working conditions were good, but after he came, the situation worsened.
He started harassing not only me, but almost every female employee, hurling insults and always using disrespectful language. I always felt terrible when he used statements like that gu woman to describe me but this didn’t stop me from doing my job. He was rude at everyone except one person, who is older than the rest of us.

The idlness
This was a boss who chatted on phone from the time he entered office to the time he left. Generally, he seemed like he didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

The fact that I was studying while working led him to see me as a threat; he thought I was studying to displace him.
Once one of my children and I fell so sick that we got admitted to the hospital. We were all in one hospital and on one bed. After spending a good number of days without going for work, I got in touch and let people at my work place know I was bedridden in hospital but my boss thought I was lying to him. He later sent a driver to the hospital to confirm if I was sick and to pick my drawer keys so that they would be able to access money for purchasing office necessities.

Money being a critical issue, I did not trust the driver with drawer keys because I thought he would connive with my boss to swindle the money. At the end of the day, I would be the one to suffer the consequences. So, although I was feeling weak, I decided to go with the driver to office with the drip on my arm. When I arrived office, my boss was eagerly waiting for me; he hurled insults at me, shouting at the top of his voice.

The shocker
Then all of a sudden he began to laugh and I wondered whether It was my condition making him laugh. I opened my drawer, gave him the money I had kept and returned to the hospital to attend to my child and also complete my treatment. When I felt like I could recover from home, I asked the doctor to discharge me.
After I had fully recovered, I reported back to office. After going through all kinds of trauma while sick, I made up my mind and reported my boss to the regional director because I was really tired of his mistreatment. When he was called for a disciplinary hearing, I was invited to tell my story before the disciplinary committee. All that I said made him feel embarrassed.
After he was disciplined, life got back to normal and now, he gives me the respect I deserve.

As told to Roland D. Nasasira

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