Saturday August 2 2014

Brooklyn Nine Nine

By Derrick Nomujuni

Cop shows are a dime a dozen, especially the dramas. The fervent series viewer is likely to name more than 10 productions off the top of their head. But this show dares to go against the current in regard to police shows as it offers a new take on the over-utilised premise that is cop life.

Set in Brooklyn’s 99th precinct, a team of New York Police Department (NYPD) detectives have the norm they know shaken up when their laid-back police chief is replaced by a stricter, more business like alternative. This, however does not seem to phase out talented detective Jake Parelta, played by Adam Samberg (former Sunday Night Live host), who does not seem to care much about protocol and playing by the book. Regardless of his disregard for formality, he still carries the highest case-closing rate in the precinct.

This creates an interesting match up with the police chief, who is tasked with creating professional officers. The show’s cause is furthered by its array of distinctive but interesting characters, like detective Amy Santiago (Jake’s partner), a by-the-book, ambitious officer, who cannot seem to figure out how her partner’s laissez faire attitude has gotten him ahead. This bizarre mix of characters blends together to make one sumptuous dish.

The show was also a recipient of two golden globe awards in categories of best actor and best comedy (television series). If not for any other reason, then this ought to be motivation enough to check it out.