Saturday August 9 2014

Get On Up


Chadwick Boseman plays James Brown in the movie. Net photo 

By Derrick Nomujuni

This biopic dares to chronicle the meteoric rise of one of the greatest musicians of all times, James Brown. Born into a life of poverty, Brown beats the odds to rise to the top of the music scene, enjoying enormous success on the world stage with several billboard No.1s to his name. He is accredited to be the individual who introduced the world to the genre known as funk. This genre would later inspire the origins of rap/hip hop. His off-stage life was also characterised with its fair share of turmoil and the film dares to depict that, though not satisfactory, especially if you have a clue about the artiste. In my view, you would probably need a rated 18 movie to capture the complex character that was James Brown.

According to most critics (whom I agree with), the real winner of this production happens to be Chadwick Boseman. His portrayal of the legend is incredible down to the letter that he deserves an Oscar nod in the future. The movie may seem a little disjointed, especially in regards to the way it tells its story but nevertheless, it is worth checking out.