Saturday June 28 2014

serie review> Da vinci’s Demons Season Two

A scene from the series

A scene from the series 

By Derrick Nomujuni

Serie review> Da vinci’s Demons Season Two

Genre: Adventure/Drama/Fantasy
Starring: Tom Riley, Laura Haddock etc
Running time: 59 minutes

One of the greatest minds to ever walk this earth is undoubtedly Leonardo da Vinci, a man with varying interests and knowledge in the subjects of art, science, astrology and military warfare. The series is a far cry from a biography and holds very little relevance in regards to the real life of Da Vinci, but is undoubtedly an engrossing fictitious tale.
Season Two kicks off where its predecessor left off with the city of Florence under siege from the Pazzi family, who seek to annihilate the ruling family, The Medicis. Leonardo also begins his quest for the book of leaves (a book presumed to have the world’s most powerful secrets), a journey that leads him to a new world inhabited by a savage kind of society, a far cry from the pleasures and civilisation of Florence. The whole of Italy also has to contend with the rise of the Ottoman Empire, led by an emperor who wants to see the whole world converted to Islam.
I must say the show is not everyone’s cup of tea because those who love it, really do love it. While those on the other side of the spectrum, can’t seem to stomach the showpiece even for an episode. But in my view, it is definitely worth all the hype it has been given.