Sunday June 9 2013

Awed on a luxurious flight

By Sharon kakai

Superfluity does not seem to have its limits especially when you are looking to expand what one would seem to call comfort. People have been testimony to luxury with the kind of splashy life styles they live on a daily basis stretching from luxurious cars, dining’s at expensive restaurants and hotels.

I could go on and on, but still fail to exhaust all the luxuries that people seem to indulge in. Like on earth, people have not forgotten to cosset luxury in the air during their long-haul travels.

Enjoying the business class
Recently, I had my first exceptional trip to London aboard British Airways. I call it exceptional because it is honestly not what I had envisioned for a first trip and being someone who always wanted to visit the UK, it did not matter as long as I got there at one time. I actually never really put into much thought that the way one chose to travel or reach their destination mattered.

I flew Entebbe to Heathrow Terminal 5 using BA62 and returned Heathrow Terminal 5 using BA63 both under Club World/Business Class. The other classes that the plane consists of are World Traveller Plus/Economy Plus to World Traveller/Economy.

Before boarding from Entebbe Airport, I was treated to the Karibuni Lounge used to host VIP travellers. It is a cosy place to seat, secluded in atmospheric silence. Breakfast was not only in plenty, but also entailed self-service with whatever one wanted to eat.

The lounge is equipped with internet for those who want to catch up on their emails and get some work done in the space of time. Print materials like newspapers and magazines are all available for those who would like detailed news, a good way to pass time while waiting for a flight.

Comfort in the warm crew
My first observation when boarding the flight was the attention I was given when I tried to locate my seat. It is true what they say, that the cabin crew will always exhibit a high degree of customer care. I felt welcome in the plane but I was scared because it was my first flight, all the fear went out the window.

We all know that first experiences are determined by the kind of attitude exhibited around us and if we are to be honest, very few people smile to unknown persons from the heart, but when one of the air hostesses smiled at me I could tell she was happy to receive passengers.

Bed in the air
I have always envisioned my self-taking a flight with seats all facing to one direction towards the pilot but nothing prepared me for the back and front seats I encountered in this cabin. I found this different and refreshing from what I have always seen in planes. The seats look like large armchairs, comfortable enough.

What is amazing is how many Club passengers push the button that transforms their seat into a fully flat six foot bed soon after the seatbelt light goes out, eschewing the in-flight entertainment, drinks, snacks and dinner above all having time to sleep.

The level of privacy received in the cabin is worth it where by opaque electronic screens are provided to separate the two seats for when one feels like having their solitude or chat to a colleague or travelling companion next to them.

Raid on the larder
Travelling is always complete with something to eat accompanied by entertainment before getting the head down. The service style is also a little more genteel than in economy, ditching the catering trolley in favour of somewhat more personal service. You are also invited to raid the larder and help yourself to an assortment of snacks and drinks left out in the galley at any time during the flight. Working during the flight

The cabin is indeed designed for business people who are always working. Travellers could actually turn their spaces into offices and catch up with their work.

All you have to do is switch your laptop or Ipad to flight mode and get to work. And if you have just rushed to the airport from the office, a quick power shower and shave or even spa treatment should freshen you up before the flight.