Sunday March 3 2013

Chinese New Year

By Anne M. Sanyu

As we walked into the hall, all eyes were on the main stage where the Martial arts of “t’ai chi” was being performed. The Concert Hall in Aarhus was almost transformed into a little China of some sorts to celebrate the Year of the Snake according to the Chinese calendar.

Although the New Year was celebrated the evening before, on February 8, the celebrations continued the next day, with a display of Chinese culture through food, music, and antiques that were on sale. All this was open to the public, and no entry fee was required.

As I made my way around the displayed items of jewellery, china among other items, I had the opportunity to sample some Chinese tea, and fondly remembered when this tea was popular in Uganda as a slimming or diet tea.

At the jewellery stand, a Danish lady who had lived in Bhutan for several years explained to me the meaning of the wheel of life on some of the necklaces on sale, in the Buddhist religion. Around me, I noticed some inter- racial couples of Asian and European decent along with their children, who were running around playing with balloons.

The event was brought together courtesy of local non-political organisation called China-Denmark that has worked at spreading knowledge about China to the Danish people by spreading the culture between the two countries. It has been in existence for over 60 years now. The event of the Chinese New Year celebration is one that brings together cultural enthusiasts and the curious such as myself.

Upstairs was a display of the snake, and as I made my way with a quick rush to the other stalls of display of Chinese art, and books , I saw half naked Danish people on beds receiving acupuncture with needles stuck in various places of their bodies. I marvelled at how comfortable some of these people are with their bodies, or rather how much one must need the treatment to almost strip half naked even with the many eyes of strangers around.

The prediction for the overall trend of the year of the snake is that it will be a good year to begin important detail and work, and that a new found greatness will inspire you to achieve your goals. However, there is need to watch out for fanatical commitments as snakes are inclined to spend more money than they earn creating tension in the relationship.

Whatever your belief or sign, I am inclined to believe that the coincidence of the red jacket I received for Christmas, will bring me some sort of luck through this year, being that red is the lucky colour of the snake. As anyone else one can only hope for the best this year.

Happy Chinese year!