Sunday July 27 2014

Nature serenades in the countryside

The rumbling waters at Treasure Valley Park.

The rumbling waters at Treasure Valley Park. photos by rajab mukombozi 

As one enters Treasure Valley Park, the cool breeze from the river and the gushing waters of Bururuma Falls give one a relaxation feel. The palm trees on the vast piece of land where Valley Park sits protects revellers from the scorching sun rays as the birds chirp in the background.

Treasure Valley Park is a recreational centre situated along the banks of River Rwizi, located 3.5km from Mbarara town on Mbarara – Katete road in Nyamitanga . One parts with Shs2,000 on a boda boda or Shs10,000 by cab to reach this place from the town centre.

Restaurant and atmosphere
If you hunger for some fast food like chips with beef plus if you thirst for beer from all tribes as well as soda and bottled water, they are readily available at the restaurant. You savour on this as you gaze at nature. The undulating rocks make good seats for guests that do not carry mats or chairs along.

It is common for hangouts to blare music at top volume but this is not the case at Treasure Valley Park.
“I intend to make this place an amusement park with beautiful trees and calm atmosphere, that is why you cannot hear any music,” says Boniface Nuwagaba, the proprietor. “You find a stressed person dashing to a noisy hangout which may be harmful to the situation because there is no peace of mind,” he adds.

There are well-furnished cottages whose bed are made of wood and papyrus furnishings with a nice view for watching monkeys that jump around especially in the morning hours, as well as a panoramic view of Mbarara town.

Activities to enjoy are rock climbing, and bird watching and gazing at Bururuma falls, and if you are daring enough, make friends with some of the monkeys.

Nuwagaba, hopes to extend the gardens to create space for activities like horse riding, goat racing and other outdoor activities.

“I wish organisations like UWA would partner with us, we can have another zoo in Uganda,” said Nuwagaba. Despite the spaciousness there are a few hiccups; there are no vehicles plying this route.
Food is also not readily available so you either pack some or endure for hours after placing an order.

Quick notes
Where is River Rwizi?
River Rwizi originates from the Buhweju hills in Buhweju district transcending through the districts of Bushenyi, Sheema, Mbarara, Isingiro, Kiruhura and Rakai and eventually pours its waters into Lake Victoria via a network of wetlands.
*Accommodation; Shs30, 000 per night and Shs 50,000 inclusive of breakfast
*Plain chips; Shs 3,000
*Chips with beef; Shs4,000
*Drinks; soda Shs1,500 and beer Shs3,500