Sunday June 22 2014

Swahili Beach’s infectious beauty

The pool side of Swahili Beach makes the scenery irresistible for most travellers.

The pool side of Swahili Beach makes the scenery irresistible for most travellers. 

By Edgar R. Batte

A warm breeze sweeps across the Indian Ocean and onto the hinterland of Diani, on Mombasa’s coastline. The drive along the bridge reveals part of the beauty that has made this coastline a destination of choice by many global travellers.
The mind cannot help but yearn for what more there is to enjoy. My first stop is at Swahili Beach Hotel, which opens up to a semblance of Swahili historical architecture.

The sight
The welcome gestures here cannot be undermined. You can say the language of hospitality is fluently spoken, what with a welcome drink at the lounge which overlooks the magnificent swimming pool that is openly welcoming.
It is not your usual pool. It cascades down towards the ocean in artistic curves. Beside the pool are some love beds in an environ of well-tended lawns dotted with palm trees which sway in an almost musical way to compliment the relaxing atmosphere.

The proprietors saw to it that Swahili is the other description of beauty with regal curved archways which instantly sweep you grandeur that will tickle your mind with splendour that is drawn together to create a Swahili experience.

The breath-taking interior
This is not just on the exterior. The rooms are huge with a king size bed on which your writer found his name knitted in flowers. At the bedside is a reading table with a welcome letter in my names.

While I’m at it, awing, the bath tab has more to tell about the Swahili designs. It is made of stone and slab, interfacing with the shower which oozes with warm salty waters that are a therapy for the skin.

After a day exploring warm Mombasa, you would like to immerse your body in a bath bed of shower gel form. There are magazines and in such a state you can enjoy some relaxing literature as your body releases the sweat in a sweet and soothing way. If you won’t fall for reading, then there is a personalised bar that can be replenished to suit your tastes and preferences.

Pamper zone
If you will, there is the Swahili Spa parlour that defines splendour in a more practical way. Here you can be treated to facials, body waxing, body therapies, massages and gym sessions. All these are detailed in customised packages.

The Swahili and continental tastes are served in a number of restaurants. When you go to sleep you will appreciate that there is a second home to yours.
It is all tranquil and the host, Anne Kanini, Kenya Tourism Board’s Public Relations Officer understood when the writer would wake up late.