Saturday August 30 2014

When you literally queue for the loo



Last weekend saw me at one of the most corporate places in town - the V-Pub Lounge, Forest Mall, Lugogo. One who uses a boda boda to get to this lounge has to walk through Shoprite to Forest Mall. Those with rides are more favoured because of the available ample parking space at the mall.
The bar is very cozy. Sofas, bouncy cushions, and mild strobe lights make it a corporate’s favourite. Ladies of valour and men of class dominate this night spot. This is evident by the way the revellers are dressed and the way they dance. By the way, you can easily tell one is loaded or broke by the way they dance. Corporate humans dance in a cool way. Their dancing is just shaking one part of the body; say the leg or head- or even both. On the contrary, broke humans let loose. They put a lot of effort and energy in their dancing ending up all sweaty.
The beers cost Shs5,000 whereas shots of gins and whisky range from Shs6,000 onwards. However, getting a drink at the counter is a hustle. On a typical Friday, one would have to spend more than 20minutes on the counter painfully stretching their hands to get a hold of a drink.
This bar gets so packed on weekends. One has to manoeuverer their way to the counter. Also, dancing gets hard since the next person is just inches away.
Although the washrooms are always kept clean, one has to wait with burning glands for someone to finish up since there are only two pee pots. If you haven’t been here, this hangout is worth checking out.