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Posted  Monday, November 23  2009 at  11:19

About Daily Monitor/Monitor Publications Ltd

Daily Monitor was established as an independent daily newspaper, The Monitor, and relaunched as Daily Monitor in June 2005.

Daily Monitor is a subsidiary of Monitor Publications Ltd, which is owned by The Nation Media Group and five other individual shareholders. The paper's private ownership guarantees the independence of its editors and journalists, free from the influence of Government, shareholders or any political allegiance.

Monitor Publications product portfolio includes:
1. The Daily Monitor Newspaper
2. 93.3 K FM
3. Monitor Business Directory.
4. Enyanda
5. Daily Monitor E-paper (Electronic Edition)

The Monitor is the only Ugandan newspaper that reports on news stories unhindered and conducts serious investigative reporting in the public interest.

We consistently break stories and set the news agenda.

The culture of freedom is reflected throughout the newspaper, ensuring an open-minded and innovative approach to every aspect of publishing activity.

The Monitor is keen on striking a balance between information, education and entertainment, as evidenced by its various products throughout the week.

Monday: Education Guide, Next (Mon-Fri)

Tuesday: Prosper

Wednesday: Farming, Homes, Building and Design

Thursday: Health and Living, Automart

Friday: Sqoop, Jobs and Careers

Saturday: Score, Full Woman, Arts & Culture

Sunday: Life

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