You can effectively protect your dashboard

Wednesday November 08 2017

A car dashboard. FILE PHOTO

If you have a sun cracked dashboard then you need to cover it. Perhaps, you have seen or sat in a car with a thick woolen cover to protect the dashboards.
Many, people think this is just fashion and are unaware of the function that such covers serve. Using dashboard covers is quite subjective depending on the age of your car.
Cars manufactured after 2000 hold a number of components such as GPS or DVD, small TVs and other additions.
Ultraviolet rays and heat have adverse effects on a car dashboard thus requiring a cover to protect it.
Whereas the sun can wreak havoc on your car’s exterior, by fading the paint and creating sun spots, it can do more harm on the interior by cracking, fading and warping the car’s dashboard in the fastest way possible.

The effect will devalue the car yet it is completely avoidable and can be treated in the event that it occurs.
A dashboard cover not only hides imperfections but will also save you from more damage and will greatly boost your car’s interior elegance.
They come in several different size and styles, fabrics and in different colours to match or complement any colour scheme, while some are designed to add a touch of plush to your car.
Fixing a dashboard cover is easy; in fact, it is one of the easiest aftermarket accessories to fix.
A car’s dashboard tells much about you. Even if it is already faded, stained, cracked or torn, it is never too late to protect it from further damage, more importantly, by concealing the unsightly appearance.
Dashboard covers keep the interior of the car looking new while adding style and colour. With the front covered, don’t forget the back.

Neglected rare dashboard
Often neglected, the rare deck suffers from the fading effects of Ultraviolet rays more than any other area of your interior.
Similar to dashboard covers, rare deck covers provide a solid layer of protection for the back of your vehicle, deflecting the damage caused by sunlight, leaky windows or the barrage of half-empty drink containers and fast food items that build up through the course of the workweek.
And don’t pile newspapers on your dashboard, it is not cool.