Accessories to make your car stand out

Thursday October 18 2018

Accessorised seat covers will not only make

Accessorised seat covers will not only make your car more beautiful but also add value to it. Photos by Godfrey Lugaaju 

By David S. Mukooza

Many cars especially those that are imported in Uganda need a makeover. This is because a number are second hand cars and will need some accessories to make them stand out. Although car modification can be a very expensive, even if you do it yourself, it can vastly increase the value of your vehicle.

Seat covers
Most manufacturers do not focus most of their design energy on making car seats their top priority. While you may have leather stitched seats, they are not enough to make the interior look its best. If your seats are bland, you need seat covers. According to Jimmy Lukwago, who sells car seat covers, besides improving the interior’s beauty, seat covers protect your seats from food and beverage spillage, irreparable damage caused by heat exposure, as well as wear and tear. Seat covers also provide additional comfort and are durable. A vast range of seat covers and fabrics are available including kitengi to suit your vehicle and are affordable. However according to Lukwago prices vary according to design and fabric, but on average, covers will cost around Shs250,000.

Car mats
Lukwago says that just like you would fit your house with a carpet for elegance and a feeling of coziness, it is for this same reason that you should get customised mats in your car. As with other parts of your car, mats provide several benefits other than beauty. The absence of floor covers may expose your interior to deterioration. Car mats protect your vehicle from hazards such as mud and stains.
According to Brian Mbeizi, a car pimp specialist, the best choice is all-weather rubber mats. He says if you can get them in a colour that matches the interior of your car, even better. Rubber mats are made of a flexible material, which makes them durable. “One of the biggest advantages of rubber mats is that they can absorb moisture. If your feet are soaked because of the rain, it does not mean that your car’s carpet should get wet. Rubber mats absorb the rain and liquid thereby keeping your car dry,” says Mbeizi.

Window tinting
According to Mbeizi, tinted windows will grant you privacy that normal windows do not offer. He says that since tinted windows block out the sun from shining on the interior, your vehicle’s dashboard is protected from fading and cracking. “Sun rays cause the car’s interior to heat up. During very hot days, the hot seats can become unbearable, and blistering heat can make you nauseated therefore tinted windows are the perfect solution to keep the sun out,” he says.

Steering wheel
Since you are looking to pimp every detail of your car, Mbeizi says you should not neglect the steering wheel. He says a visually appealing steering wheel will make the driver more attentive.

Xenon headlights
On a car, headlights are a preview of the engine. According to Mbeizi, xenon lights usually produce ice white blue tint and extreme brightness. The brightness helps you to see further and clearer at night as well as help attract attention to your car. “Xenon lights last longer than the standard halogen bulbs found in most vehicles, which help you to save money in the longrun,” he says.

Rims should be the first protocol for any driver seeking to make his vehicle look elegant. But Mbeizi says the rims can degrade a fantastic car or upgrade an old car.
According to Ronald Lubega, a car mechanic at Grace Lubega motors, changing the car’s wheels affects its alignment, braking, acceleration and handling. Therefore, he says, while big rims may make your car look better, they can have an adverse effect on the performance. Choosing wider rims provides more grip and traction while accelerating, braking, or turning.
Most rims are either made of aluminum or steel. Aluminum weighs less than steel therefore it helps you conserve fuel. He adds that steel rims are heavier than aluminum and are thus more durable, but you are more prone to feel bumps with heavy rims than with aluminum ones. He advises one to ensure that the colour and design of the rims match the vehicle.

Windshield Wipers: This is a great way to add colour to your wiper brackets since they come in different styles and colours.
This is a cool trend that involves changing the colour of the car maker’s emblem. You can find them in different colours and materials to match the look you are trying to create with your ride.
Phone Holder
This is a fun way to make your car look good, as well as a functional way to view your mobile navigation system if you use your cell phone, cell phone holders come in all different shapes and styles.