Although small, Toyota RunX stands out

Thursday July 30 2020

Apart from being fuel friendly, motorists love

Apart from being fuel friendly, motorists love the RunX for its sporty look and spacious interior. Photo | internet 

By David S. Mukooza

Mustafa Kasirye

My Toyota Runx has a 1500cc engine. I use fuel worth Shs150,000 in 10 days to move from my home in Bweya Village Kajjansi to Kabalagala every day meaning I use approximately 3.5 litres. The car is fuel efficient and relatively small but can carry five occupants inclusive of the driver.

It has good leg room and headroom compared to other small cars and all the occupants can sit comfortably. Its ground clearance is also good and it is firm on the ground.

I love driving a car that does not make noise. Therefore, I pay attention to every detail of service and maintenance. Servicing a Runx is very affordable. I usually do regular service of engine oil change, oil filter, air cleaner and maybe some additional top up of critical fluids at Shs120,000 but even if I am to do a deeper check into breaks and others I will still not go beyond Shs180,000 in about two-three months.

The spare parts are very cheap. I have not done major replacements for the one year I have driven this car but a friend who has driven theirs for five years says with proper handling, the Runx rarely breaks down.

I used to spend a lot of money when I was using public transport and because I hated taxis I would use motorcycles and spend about Shs15,000 before I get home but with a lot of discomfort. If I spend the same while at peace and controlling my own time then I not only save money but my life too.


Edgar Rukundo
I always wanted a car that is not too small but also fuel efficient and I have truly found this in my Toyota Runx. It has got 1500cc engine which is very good power for a small car.

I rarely drive through traffic jam. I would rather sit somewhere and wait it out. I spend Shs300,000 on fuel a month and that is from Zana to Kampala. I usually do not go upcountry with my car.

The relatively small size of the car allows me manoeuvre through spaces where big cars cannot. My car is in good mechanical condition and it is easy to maintain. The spare parts are readily available therefore very cheap. I usually buy mine from Kisekka Market in downtown Kampala.

I spend approximately Shs100,000 to service my car and of course this involves changing crucial car fluids such as engine oil and maybe toping up on the others such as battery water, power steering and brake fluid plus the air cleaner.

The cost may go up if I change the spark plugs but it will still be affordable. All in all I think it is a good car to own especially for first time car owners. The only challenge is that it is a bit expensive to purchase because now it costs between Shs26m and shs28m from a car bond.

Flavia Namatovu
We always have dreams and in most cases if you love cars you will have a dream car but certainly still you may not be able to buy your dream car for various reasons.
My dream car is a Range Rover but I started with a Toyota Runx. I must admit for the past four years I have not had any issues with it. There is no time it has been grounded or been in the garage for major repair works. My mechanic picks it when I am at work and returns it before I am done with work.

One of the reasons I like this car is that it is relatively small so it is easy for me to park. I have always had a fear of knocking other people’s cars so this can makes it easy for me to maneuver. Since it is a 1.5 cc litre engine, its fuel consumption is amazing and in a month if I don’t do a lot of roaming I spend approximately Shs350,000 from Lubowa to my office in the central business district.

Regular service costs me about Shs100,000 but if I do a little more extra works it costs about Shs150,000. I have replaced my shock absorbers and it cost me Shs300,000 for the front pair and Shs200,000 for the back shocks. I have not done major repairs but my mechanic says all the spare parts are available and affordable.

What surprises me is that although it is a small car, it is raised and can handle the bumpy road that goes to my home. It also has a good interior and a big boot for when I have extra luggage to carry.