My Toyota Noah stops while turning

Thursday April 25 2019


By Paul Kaganzi

Hello Paul, I own a Toyota Noah which stops suddenly when trying to negotiate a corner. What could be the cause? Tukei

Hello Tukei, you may have a leakage of unmetered air from the air intake pipe between the air mass sensor after the air cleaner and the engine throttle. Unmetered air intake will distort the fuel air ratio as regulated by the engine management system.
This will cause erratic running or engine stalling (stopping suddenly) when you load it during steering or switching on other accessories such as air conditioning. Another reason for engine stalling when you load it can be due to loss of power caused by a dirty air cleaner element, worn-out spark plugs or a clogged dirty fuel filter.
Rarely does a dirty throttle assembly will impede free movement of the throttle valve and air intake, causing a drop of engine power which leads to stalling.