Between Altezza and Premio, which is better?

Friday December 29 2017


Hello Paul, Between Toyota Altezza and Premio old model (T210) which one would you advise me to buy? I have a budget of 12m. Maswi

Hello Maswi, the two sedan vehicles you are comparing are different both in design and purpose. Your buying needs and availability of a good re-used or third hand car which fits the budget are important considerations to guide your decision.

As a concept the Toyota Altezza or Lexus IS is a compact sedan with a youthful stylish sporty design and feel on the road.

On the other hand Toyota Premio 210 is a sedan saloon with unimpressive handling on the road, reasonable comfort features but very popular all over Uganda for its simpler and more affordable four cylinder engine, availability of parts and practicality as a family transporter.

The Altezza comes with more powerful engines such as the popular 3SGE 2.0 litre engine which delivers an output of 178 horse power. Premio’s 2.0 litre 3SFE engine delivers a smaller power output of 128 horse power.

The recently imported Altezza and Premio will have a higher budget of about Shs20m so you will be looking at locally used vehicle options which you may have to carefully inspect.

Both locally used car options can be found within your budget. Premio will most likely maintain a good resale value anytime down the road.