Causes of car jerking when accelerating

Friday July 7 2017


Please advise me on what causes a car to jerk when accelerating. Sekaziga.

Sekaziga, car jerking or hesitation when you are accelerating is usually a result of imperfect engine internal combustion (burning of fuel air mixture). Find a smart mechanic to inspect the following engine systems which affect engine combustion: the fuel supply system, air intake system and ignition system. Inspecting the fuel supply system entails checking for contamination in the fuel tank from water or dirt, checking operation of the primary fuel pump and condition of the fuel filter, inspecting fuel lines for leaks and operation of the fuel injectors. The ignition system supplies the spark which ignites the fuel air mixture in the combustion chamber.
An inspection of the spark plugs, ignition coils or high tension leads and engine management system is useful to rule out any faults. The air intake system inspection should start with the air filter, air flow meter (if your car has a modern engine management system), intake hose for air leaks and the throttle potentiometer which primarily determines the ratio or mixture of fuel and air. The cause of car jerking or hesitation during acceleration will be found in one of these areas.