Feel the beauty of driving with sunroof deflectors

Friday January 12 2018


By Jude Katende

We like style and sometimes style comes with some duplications.
However, even when we choose to, we should not be ignorant about what we want.

When the sunroof deflectors had just hit town, almost every car owner, even those without sunroofs, wanted deflector as if to prove something.

Sunroof deflectors have more than one role. But more important they are mainly important in re-directing pesky wind gusts that rush into the cabin when the roof is open.

Apart from that, they shield car occupants against flying objects such as stones and sediment that can find their way into the speeding car and they can be a fashion statement given that they are designed with a sleek touch.

Deflectors are only designed for specific cars and are only required where a car if fixed with a sunroof.
The sunroof deflectors can also be used to control the amount of wind or external noise that comes into the car.

Many drivers look forward to driving around with their car windscreens rolled down but the amount of wind that they can accommodate into the car always ruins that moment.

However, with a sunroof deflector, you are able to control how much wind gets into the car.
Sunroof deflectors cut right through wind gusts that cause turbulence and an overload of volume.

Do not be deceived, sunroof deflectors are not style additions. They serve specific purposes and if used properly they will make your driving an unforgettable experience.

Sunroofs are common among high end and big cars such and it people with such cars that you will need to buy deflectors.

How they are fixed
Deflectors are mounted on the edge of sunroof to redirect wind. Most deflectors are “universal fit” designed to fit around the sunroof opening as well to help provide good clearance of wind.
This - universal fit - is ensured through designing wider than the width of the sunroof opening to allow a wide mounting on both sides of the car.
According to Timothy Zahl, a
technical writer and product consultant, more than nine million cars produced currently are fixed with sunroofs.