How can I fix ABS TC lights on Toyota Noah?

Thursday May 21 2020


By Paul Kaganzi

Hello Paul, I took my Toyota Noah to a garage to fix noise in the left back wheel. After the fix of a suspension part two lights ABS and TC appeared permanently on my dash board. The mechanic has failed to figure out why. Can you help? Timothy

Hello Timothy, the permanent display of ABS and TC fault lights suggest that the Anti lock Brake System and Traction control are not working properly. Common causes of ABS TC failure include ABS wheel speed sensors, ABS circuit relay or the ABS controller.

In this case the first port of call or suspect is the ABS wheel speed sensor for the rear left wheel where the suspension repairs were done. There is a likelihood that the ABS sensor harness was broken or it was not reconnected or fitted properly during repairs.

Use of a computer diagnostic tool will quickly and reliably confirm my remote diagnosis.

The cost of converting an automatic Progress to manual gearbox?

Hello Paul, I am considering buying a Toyota Progress with a 2.5L engine 1JZFSE. I want to know the cost of changing it from automatic to manual transmission. Ismail


Hello Ismail, it could cost you about Shs8m to convert the transmission or gearbox of a used Toyota Progress from automatic to the manual one. The cost of conversion will be in addition to the purchase cost.
Transmission conversions can be costly as you need to procure a suitable quality replacement manual gearbox; a new set of pedals, gear linkage and shift stick; flywheel, a complete new clutch kit and fork assemblies. You may also need an engine computer for the manual transmission car.

Why does my car lose acceleration?

I have problems with my Toyota Premio 1999 model engine. It loses acceleration and the sound is not smooth. I suspect it could be the spark plugs. Please advise. Mukundane

Hello Mukundane, poor acceleration and unusual engine sound is a sign of loss of engine power or poor performance. This can sometimes be characterised by engine surge, erratic running or misfiring.
The usual suspects are reduced fuel pressure caused by a dirty fuel filter, poor spark or restricted supply of clean air.
If your Toyota Premio has covered 100,000 kilometres, consider getting a mechanic to replace the long life fuel filter if you have never done so.
Also, have the spark plugs and air cleaner checked and replaced with genuine Toyota parts if they are worn out or dirty.