How much fuel is needed to drive to Mbarara?

Wednesday August 12 2020

Hi Paul, good evening and thanks for the commendable work you do while answering our questions. I am planning a trip to Mbarara soon, how much fuel can I budget for a Toyota rav4 for that distance?

The other issue is with a duet, once you drive past 80kph there is steering vibration ,what could be the problem? Siraji.

Hello Siraj, you have not advised whether your RAV4 engine size is a 1.8 litre or 2.0 litre, nor the generation and engine fuel delivery technology this does affect fuel economy. The distance from Kampala to Mbarara is about 268 kilometres.

Assuming, conservatively, that your car has an average fuel economy of about 10 kms per litre then you will need about 26.8 litres to cover the distance. However there are variables that can alter that fuel economy result.

For instance the engine technology i.e Direct four (D4) fuel delivery vs less efficient Multi port fuel injection, service condition of the engine, driving style (aggressive or moderate), car load, tyre condition and type of unleaded petrol ( efficiency enhancing differentiated higher octane or detergency fuel).

These conditions can improve the fuel economy result and reduce the amount of fuel consumed or the other way round.


Steering vibration of the Toyota Duet at speeds exceeding 80 km/hour can be caused by a range of issues including: wheel alignment, tyre tread wear condition, tyre pressure or suspension bushings. Have the car inspected by a competent garage to establish the cause.