I am finding it hard to let go of my 1992 Toyota Corona

Thursday August 30 2018


How are you Paul, I have driven a 1992 Toyota Corona ST190 for 14 years. This car has become a member of my family as it has seen all my children born and through school. However it has had an engine overhaul and is getting more frequent breakdowns. My mechanic and close friends are advising me to sell it. However, I am still attached to this car. When and why should I make the decision to sell? I seek your advice. Katerega Moses.

Hello Moses, every car owner is confronted with the question about when they should sell their car at some point in time. Even those who have a ‘for better or for worse’ relationship with their old car do have to confront this hard question. Nonetheless, there are five situational reasons why you may have to sell your Toyota Corona. The first one is probably what concerns your mechanic most, more frequent breakdowns and increasing maintenance costs.

Due to age thus wear and tear, there will be an increase in expensive parts replacement and fixes. After the engine overhaul, you could expect suspension or transmission overhaul round the bend. Of course, this will depend on how you maintain the car and how much or far you frequently drive it.

A newer car comes with lower mileage and less expensive repairs. Fuel efficiency is the other concern; older cars have the less fuel efficient first generation fuel injection systems and heavier boxy chasis. Newer cars tend to be lighter, more aerodynamic and are fitted with more fuel efficient electronic fuel injection systems. The increasing cost of fuel even makes the case to change cars stronger.

Newer cars are designed with improved safety in mind. They are designed to handle better during high speed driving and are equipped with safety features such as ABS - anti locking brakes or SRS - supplementary restraint system airbags. There are even other important reasons such as a change of income or status which may require you to get a bigger, more comfortable or all terrain 4-wheel drive perhaps because your family has grown or you need to make more frequent upcountry trips. Whichever reason applies to you, there could be a good justification to part ways with your old car.