Make your car smarter with these gadgets

Modern car gadgets will not only make your trip safer but also more enjoyable. Photo | internet

What you need to know:

  • If you currently own (or are in the process of buying) an older vehicle, it likely does not have the smart technology perks that a newer car offers. These gadgets can give your vehicle a high-tech makeover.

There are limitless numbers of bells and whistles in different sizes and shapes all meant to make our cars safer, cozier and more effective. With this overload of car accessories available on today’s market, the consumer is simply limited by their budget.

Brian Mwesigye, the proprietor of Cars Garage, notes that some gadgets are necessary because they not only offer great efficiency but also increase safety on the road.

Roav Viva car charger
Mwesigye describes this nifty gadget as a charger on steroids. Unlike your ordinary car charger, Roav viva car charger is enabled to use Alexa and once connected to your car does everything from finding directions, playing music and making a phone call at the command of your voice.

This car charger costs about Shs150,000 or Shs100,000 depending on where you buy it from. Unfortunately, it only works with cars that have either Bluetooth connectivity or an auxiliary audio-in jack.

Back seat organiser
Does the amount of random items taking up your car space frustrate you? If you are one of those car owners that by their nature of work or family life must carry a lot of paraphernalia, what you need is a back seat organiser.

The organiser can help store your bottles, gadgets and documents, among others. Mwesigye advises that when looking for a car backseat organiser, look for one that has versatility. “There are many different types and brands on the market but get one that has the ability to accommodate gadgets, bottles and magazines or documents. It should also be waterproof for possible spills,” he recommends.

Air purifier
Most drivers spend a lot of time in their cars enduring polluted air from within and from outside. Peace Kemirembe, a car accessory dealer, notes that even if your car is clean and you keep the windows rolled up and the AC switched on, there are still some toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide trapped in your car.

“With time the seats, fabric, carpet, roof lining and other crevices collect pollutants and allergens such as pollen, bacteria, flu virus and mold or fungus. If you are spending a lot of time in the car, a purifier is a must-have accessory to protect yourself from allergic reactions, headaches and possible lung damage caused by polluted air,” she advises.

Parking aid
Tired of those ineffective parking attendants? Get a parking aid that will instantly improve your parking prowess and save you money along the way. According to Kemirembe, this device can allow you to park safely in every small place without having to worry about the circumstances.

The system is designed in order to alert you of various parked cars and other objects. It can also detect the presence of low walls; children and can help you detect every object that is out of your vision. They come as kit that is easy and fast to install.

Cell phone signal booster
A vehicle signal booster can make a huge difference in keeping you connected while travelling in rural areas where cell signal is weak or in dead spots.

According to Mweigye, the automatic gain control is designed to constantly adjust the strength of the amplifier based on the changing outside cell signal and maximise the amount of coverage that the booster can provide inside of the vehicle.
Some signal boosters are designed to boost a single mobile device at a time while some are designed to accommodate multiple devices.

Massaging Footrest
A technologically advanced car needs to do well in the comfort department, too, especially if it’s a full-size luxury sedan like the Audi A8. Add the Executive Rear Seat Comfort package and you’ll be treated to more than just a massage for your back and bum. Your feet will also get the first class treatment thanks to massaging footrests.



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