My Land Rover is a multi-purpose SUV - Kutosi

Thursday July 4 2019

Kutosi says his car does not break down often

Kutosi says his car does not break down often because he carries out service once a year. Photo by Roland D. Nasasira 

By Roland D. Nasasira

“Once you drive a Land Rover, you do not want to drive any other car,” says Jimmy Kutosi, a motorist, who has owned his Land Rover Discovery 4 for five years.

To Kutosi, his car is a multi-purpose Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that can be driven in any kind of terrain. This is because it has turning knob that you adjust when you are driving on grass, gravel, snow, sand, muddy water and any nature of a marrum bumpy road to get absolute driving comfort. You can also drive it in rock crawl that allows you engage low range.

“Because it has all these programmes, you just need to know where you are and what you require. You will then turn the adjusting knob into the position and nature of road you are driving and the car will just move,” Kutosi says.

Picking up speed
From the onset of stepping on the accelerator on any road, be it marrum or tarmacked, the Discovery picks up speed from zero to the 100 kilometre mark in 10 seconds.
Its two tonne weight renders it quite fast, stable and firm on the road. It also comes with a speed limit of up to 145 miles per hour (MPH), which, in kilometres, is exactly 240 km per hour.

Fuel economy
From Kampala to Mbarara, which is a distance of approximately 260km, Kutosi says he uses approximately Shs70,000, which is approximately 18 litres of diesel fuel. This is because the car uses one litre of fuel to cover 14 kilometres on a highway while in towns or cities with busy traffic, it uses one litre to cover 10 kilometres, which he says is similar to a Toyota saloon car of 1600cc. “It is a six speed engine car and this is why the fuel consumption is low. However, if it breaks down, it will cost you a lot of money to get it back on the road when you do not maintain it well,” Kutosi says.

Driving on marrum roads
Kutosi adds that the discovery will perform much better than say a Land Rover Defender on marrum roads because of its high torque.
When there is so much power or drift on one side of the car, especially at the front, it will auto engage the four wheel drive (4WD) system to engage the rear wheels as well.
Torque is simply a rotating or twisting force that causes car tyres to move.


Seat capacity
It is a seven seater Sport Utility Vehicle with two seats at the front, three in the middle and two foldable seats at the back. And even at the back, you will get a comfortable sitting posture. This is because from the front to the back of the car, the roof was given a raised level so that passengers do not hit their heads on the roof.

Service and maintenance
According to Kutosi, the car’s service is dependent on the type and quality of oil you use. He adds that since he uses imported oil, it allows him cover 15,000 kilometres without need for service. However, he only covers between 10,000 to 12,000 kilometres. “This gives this car an upper hand over some cars where service is done every time you drive 5,000 kilometres. The service is costly but I service my car once a year and spend about Shs1m,” Kutosi says.

Other features
“When I drive faster, the suspension also adjusts to go lower depending on the speed I accelerate. I can negotiate a corner at 200 kilometres per hour and the car will not skid off the road. It will also auto adjust on a bend or corner to remain balanced,” Kutosi adds.

The Land Rover Discovery 4 comes with 13 speakers that are evenly distributed throughout the car, from the dashboard to the back. It is also fitted with 10 airbags; four at the front, four in the sides and two at the back end of the car.

When driving in a low area, you press the adjusting button for the car to raise up to gain a high ground clearance. It is also a sound proof car, that when all windows are up, you do not hear sounds of anything from outside.

Difference with Discovery 3
Mathias Kakwenda, a car dealer in Kireka, says the Discovery 4 is exactly the same shape as the Discovery 3. The only difference is in the engine capacity. While the Land Rover Discovery 4 has engine capacity of 3000cc, the Land Discovery 3 comes with a 2700cc.