Spacio resale value is excellent – Nusra

Thursday August 29 2019

Nusra says she is confident of her car’s resal

Nusra says she is confident of her car’s resale value that if she was to sell now, she would double what it cost her to buy it. 

By Joan Salmon

The first generation Toyota Corolla Spacio was released in January 1997. It was based on its predecessor the Toyota Corolla but made to look like a minivan with a higher and longer body than Toyota Corolla Sedan.

Sinatra Bella Nusra bought her Spacio 2002 model, a second generation of its kind in 2018 at Shs18m which was an upgrade from a Vitz.
“My first car was a Vitz and when I chose to let go of it, I wanted the same car shape but slightly bigger. The Spacio fitted the bill perfectly,” she says.

Despite getting her dream car, Nusra was faced with the fact that it had outstanding traffic penalty tickets that she only got to learn about when traffic police stopped her a week into driving it. “Luckily, I had not fully paid for the car. So I agreed with the seller to reduce the tickets from the outstanding balance,” she shares.

Bella is so endeared to her five-sitter because despite the distance between the first and second row being extended making the indoor space somewhat compact, it is still comfortable.

That aside, the collapsible second row seats have front-rear sliding and reclining functions alongside a centre seat back providing wide armrest.
The third row seats also allow for storage beneath them making it possible to carry up to seven passengers at a time.

Fuel consumption
Nusra is indeed blown away by the colour and beauty of her car that she named it ‘Blue’.
Meanwhile, those in her circles say it is a beautiful car, especially the sports rims. She considers her car to not only be comfortable but also functional. “It absorbs a lot of the bumps in the road and also due to its small engine, I can drive wherever I want with minimal fuel costs. This 1.5cc engine is a gem because on average, it consumes one litre of fuel for every 13kms,” she says adding that while she has not made any long journeys, one time she travelled from Kampala to Jinja and back at a cost of Shs70,000.
With the many potholes on our roads, Nusra is thankful for the car’s ground clearance. “Going offroad or going through potholes is not a problem. It is also fast when the need arises,” she says.


Not one to let ‘Blue’ down, Nusra ensures to service her car after every 4,000kms. “It costs me Shs100,000,” she says adding that its spareparts are also readily available which means she does not have to spend so much on them. However, she warns against the many counterfeits and urges caution while buying them.

Resale value
Nusra says Blue’s resale value is excellent, at Shs20m and she is confident that if she was to sell, she would get her money back with profit.

Early this year on my way home in Kireka, ‘Blue’ just stopped in the middle of the road. I called a few friends who came to help jumpstart it to no avail. After two hours of trying, we just decided to roll her to the petrol station. The next morning, I jumpstarted her with one of the mechanics there and she started running just like that. She just has a mind of her own sometimes.