The Honda Fit 2019: A small but reliable vehicle

Wednesday November 13 2019

Fitted with the CVT, the Fit has one of the highest fuel economy ratings among subcompact cars. It is a 1.5l four cylinder car.

It is one of the several subcompact vehicles alongside the Vitz, Raum, Spacio and others. Jeff Kama owns a Honda Fit and loves the vehicle for its predictable handling.
“There are no surprises for me with this car. I could recommend it to any learner because handling is easy.”

While the boot may not be big enough to carry so much, for its size, it is good enough. Annie Mirembe attests to that, “A holiday trip to the village is not with quarrels of people’s luggage not fitting for my family of three. The space is good enough. But if there are no occupants in the second row seats, lowering them offers us space enough to pack camping gear, if we need to,” She says.
If the co-driver’s seat is also lowered, more space is created more so if one is carrying long items.
More to that is convertible seat could free up more space if you need it.
“But it can also carry children without a qualm seeing that they do not need a lot of leg room,” Mercy Ssebaana, a mother of three shares.

Tech additions
Regina Lubulwa loves tech additions and applauds the model for features such as a 7-inch touch-screen infotainment system that gives one access to Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, HondaLink, Pandora, and SMS text messaging.
“Anything to make my world more technical is welcome,” she says.
All these additions came with the 2018 model that saw the Fit also get several advanced safety technologies such as an adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking. There was also a retuned suspension which enhanced its handling.
Mark Kato, a mechanic, also talks of the improved insulation which allowed for a quieter ride.
“Previously, the drive was quite noisy but that is in the past. What is left is the transmission that is rather loud and acceleration that is still slow.”
Kato thus says that if one is interested in all these additions, then shopping for newer models is ideal.
“That is because the current model was first put on the market in 2015 but major changes were made in 2018,” he says.
Looking at the slow acceleration, Kato believes that the Fit is ideal for town rides. “When on the open road, you will find it slow at accelerating both when joining the highway or overtaking other vehicles. Seeing that most Fits on our roads are automatic, I will speak for such and advise any driver that the available continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) tends to be slow for highway speeds and makes the car feel more timid.”

Fuel consumption
Fitted with the CVT, the Fit has one of the highest fuel economy ratings among subcompact cars. It is a 1.5l four cylinder car.
This five seater has cloth upholstery chairs that endear Matayo Luyombya to it.
“Cleaning these is rather easy as a damp cloth with soap will do,” he shares. Luyombya also loves the fact that unlike other super compact vehicles, the Fit has enough space for the rear passengers, even adults.
“However, if it is adults, two are more comfortable than three.”
Irene Apio, a new mother is all praises for the Fit because of the space on the rear seats. “They are spacious enough that without pushing the front seats forward, I can clip in a rear-facing child seat.”
Fit types
Honda Fit comes in a number of types and these include:

Honda Fit LX
This is the lowest type that comes with standard features such as four speakers, a 5-inch infotainment display, a USB port, Bluetooth, cloth upholstery, a rear-view camera, and Honda’s rear seat.
Honda Fit Sport
After the changes to the 2015 model, this version came to life and it comes with a 7-inch touch screen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, HondaLink (a system that connects your vehicle to your smartphone), six speakers, Pandora compatibility, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, and fog lights.
Honda Fit EX
With this Fit upgrade are extra safety systems and a couple of would-be upgrades in types above are a standard here. These include a collision mitigation braking system, automatic high beams, lane departure warning, a road departure mitigation system, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, lane keep assist, and Honda LaneWatch.
Honda Fit EX-L
In addition to the above features, and a moon roof, push-button start, proximity key, a satellite radio, this version comes with heated front seats, standard leather upholstery and heated side mirrors. It is also the only one that comes with automatic transmission.