Toyota Passo Sette or Toyota Spacio

Thursday February 6 2020


By Paul Kaganzi

Hello Paul, I am interested in buying a Toyota Passo Sette. I would like a technical and operational review of the car and if possible, any cars to compare it with. I was interested in a Spacio but it has been hard to import one. Salim

Hello Salim, the 2009 Toyota Passo Sette, like the Toyota Spacio, is a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) designed to carry seven passengers or light cargo. A show down between these two MPVs will reveal a few common features and some important differences.
The used 2009 1.5 litre Toyota Passo Sette is available online from Japan while you can only get the used 2009 1.6 litre Toyota Spacio Versa from United Kingdom, South Africa or Kenya and not Japan. However, you can consider the older 2007 1.5 litre Space ex Japan.

However, you will not be comparing apples for apples when it comes to engine fire power, external and interior design entertainment, safety and performance enhancing features. Toyota Passo Sette’s 3SZ-VE 1.5 litre delivers reasonable 109 Horse Power, 2 horse powers less than the 2007 Toyota Spacio’s 1.5L 1NZ-FE. Toyota Passo’s 1.5L engine has better fuel economy on the highway. If fitted with a CVT (Continuous Velocity Transmission), the gearbox can give you up to 22km/litre of gasoline.

The Paso with a conventional automatic transmission (AT) will give you between 17-19 km/ litre if you drive at speeds around 100kph. These figures will be realised if you fuel with efficiency enhancing gasoline, service your engine, have good tyres and drive sensibly.

Toyota Spacio with an AT will give you between 16-17 km/litre if you observe the above conditions. Interior of the two MPVs is spacious and comfortable with a practical 2-3-2 passenger seating layout and foldable middle and back row to allow more cargo space.

Passo is as wide as the Spacio (1695mm) but with a higher roof (1620/1610mm) offering the same in cabin shoulder room but better head room for tall adults. Spacio has better middle row legroom due to its slightly longer body (4260/4180mm).


Interior furnishing, entertainment and safety features in the Passo are more modern and its audio entertainment unit can store up to 660 minutes of your favourite recordings.

The rear seat passengers will be treated to a DVD player with a 7” roof mounted screen and multimedia access. Passo’s convenient features include keyless entry and start facility.

Superior safety features offered include six supplementary restraint air bags and dynamic support headrests which protect passengers from head and neck whiplash injury during frontal or rear collision.
Modern driver dynamic assist features such as vehicle stability control, electronic brake force distribution and anti-lock brakes are provided on the Toyota Passo and make it a safer car to drive. Maintenance is easy with ready availability of service and repair parts.

Body panel replacement parts can be bought from the used parts market in the event of an accident. The 2009 Passo Sette gives a better all-round deal when compared with the 2007 Spacio.