Toyota Yaris: Small compact family car

Friday March 9 2018


The Yaris comes with ABS brakes (Anti-lock braking system), so it has a fast braking and secure.  

By Mustafa Ziraba

The Toyota Yaris is a small car with a 1300CC engine. It is a subcompact car that was first produced in 1999 to replace the Starlet.
It comes with two alternative choices of manual or automatic transmissions.

Family car
It is a perfect car for a start-up family coming in different variations including Sedan and hatch backs.
It handles well and it is a good driving experience even as the steering seems to have a very fast reaction even to the slightest of touch.
This may be been because of incorrect alignment, or just me being more used to a more difficult steering mechanism.
The Yaris easily takes in the bumpy road surface around Kampala providing a comfortable driving experience.
It has a relatively low ground clearance but has the ability to maneuver and navigate through the potholes and murrum road surface because of its strong suspension.

The Yaris comes with ABS brakes (Anti-lock braking system), so it has a fast braking and secure.
It is also fitted with airbags on the front (driver and passenger), plus airbags and supports on the sides for driver and passenger.
It has crumple zones (In an extreme accident situation, the car crumples and absorbs the impact, sparing the passengers).
On the whole, the Yaris is cool and it should be a serious consideration for any start up car owner in Uganda.
The Yaris comes standard with ABS Brakes, Electric Windows, Airbags, seat belts, wireless entry and locking and air conditioner system.
It is also fitted with a highly electronic dashboard that is complemented by a radio complete with a CD player and a power steering with tilt and sporty mages.

The most popular Yaris in Uganda is the first generation models that were marketed between 1999 and 2005 under hatchback, coupe, and sedan variants.
It currently has three generation. The second generation came on the market between 2005 and 2013 before the arrival of the third generation which continues to go through different modifications.

Durability, comfort
The bus has a relatively wide body but is ideal for Uganda’s narrow roads. It is also a durable bus, which according to Gilbert, the Spear Motors sales director Wavamunno, has been tested to navigate tropical environments, especially within East Africa. The bus was also tested in India, which almost has similar roads with those in Uganda. It sets a new benchmark for markets in East Africa in terms of comfort, safety and reliability.

The different Yaris variants
Second generation
The second generation models have been marketed since 2005 under the Yaris name worldwide. They come in the hatchback and sedan body variant. However, the hatchback variant was discontinued in late 2013 for some markets.

Third generation
The third generation models have been marketed since 2011 under the Yaris name worldwide. Originally available only as a hatchback, a sedan variant arrived in 2013 and has one of the most popular Toyota varieties across the world.