Vintage auto show reveals the 1937 Wolseley still got it

Thursday August 8 2019

By Roland D. Nasasira

The adage that old is gold best describes Peter Kalvin Kaggwa’s Wolseley 1937 model vintage car. The Wolseley was one of the 90 vintage and classic cars that were showcased at the eighth edition of the Commercial Bank of Africa Uganda vintage and classic auto show that took place at Sheraton Hotel Gardens on July 27.

The winner
When the Wolseley was announced as the 2019 best vintage car, many were not surprised. Congratulatory messages were almost equivalent, if not surpassed the number of car enthusiasts who could be seen posing for photos next to, or in the Wolseley, but under the jealous watchful eye of the owner, Kaggwa.

“Congratulations are in order. This is a masterpiece and deserves it,” said Lucky Alex in the comment section on the vintage and classic auto show Facebook page immediately after the announcement.

“The Wolseley is a generation car. I inherited it from my great grandfather and I have had it for more than 40 years. I start the engine everyday and keep it running for a few minutes to keep it functional. I also drive it on Saturday and Sunday from Kampala city centre to Munyonyo and back home,” Kaggwa says.

Deciding the winner
One of the features the day’s judges looked out for were clean body work, cleanliness of the car interior and presentability, originality, road worthiness, whether the car engine can actually start and move and the functionality of the car electrical system.

“If your car has all its originals, we give you high marks. We allow changes and modifications but priority goes to something that is original,” said Chris Eden, one of the judges.


Awardee categories
Wazir Kakooza’s green Toyota Mark II Corona 1980 was selected as the most appealing car at the show while Collin’s Isingoma 1989 model VW Dune Buggy with registration number 304 UCA impressed the judges and won the Classic Rally Car award.

Rajiv Ruparelia’s 1974 model Rolls Royce won the second best overall car while the Burst-a-piston award went to a 1968 VW Kombi. This award is dedicated to a vehicle which goes through the biggest challenges to get to the show.

Rajiv Ruparelia’s 1974 model Rolls Royce won
Rajiv Ruparelia’s 1974 model Rolls Royce won the second best overall car.

Other categories included best van/minibus of the year, best pick-up of the year, best garage/mechanic, best upcountry car (from outside Kampala), collectible of the year and best piston of the year.

At the show
The event was a magnet of car enthusiasts such as business people, corporates, children and celebrities. Compared to the 2018 show, the turn up for the 2019 show increased not only in enthusiast numbers but also in the number of cars that were showcased.

There are, however, car enthusiasts such as Sowed who wanted to showcase all his six vintage cars, including a Datsun SSS 160J 1972 model, but was only given space for three cars.

Cars at the show
Majority of the cars were those manufactured in the 1970s and 1980s. They included vehicle brands such as Mercedes Benz, Datsun, Volkswagen that was represented with Kombis and the first model Volkswagen beetles whose car boot or trunk was at the front and the engine at the rear end, Toyota Corolla 1974 model, Porsche 9445 1984 model, Mitsouka Leseyde 1991 model, Panther Kaluster, Willys Jeep of 1959 model, Nissan Datsun SSS with UUZ number plate series, among other many vintage cars.

Away from cars
Away from cars, vintage motorcycles were also well represented. These included the Ariel 1955 model, the Triumph154 model, the BSA Bantum 1955 model and late Paddy Blick’s motorbike, a Yamaha YZ 250cc, now owned by William Blick.

There were also rotary dialled phones which differ from the keyboard operated phones you use in your office and home. There was also one of the first three wooden coloured television sets in Uganda, hollow coins or money of five cents, one shilling and two shillings that were in use in 1980s. Gramophones were also exhibited.

About the show.

The Uganda Vintage and Classic Auto Show utilises automobiles and oldies lifestyle activities to provide a unique and fresh experience for different social groups utilising platforms of history, heritage, restoration and experiential.
The inspiration behind the Uganda Vintage and Classic Auto Show is the widespread interest in vintage cars and the few opportunities to showcase the ones in Uganda.