What type of used car should I buy?

Thursday September 19 2019


By Paul Kaganzi

I have a low budget and I am planning to buy a used car being sold in Uganda. Which one of these can I buy: 2003 Nissan Teana 2.3L, 2002 Nissan Fuga, 2001 Nissan Skyline or a 2001 Suzuki Cults Crescent.


Dear Hudson, the cars you have in mind are in three different market segments with different concepts and luxury levels.

The size of your budget will inform your decision based on ownership cost (price) and running cost (fuel). The 2001 Suzuki Cultus is a small compact car which comes with two fuel efficient engines: 1.3L G15A which delivers a paltry 100 hp but gives you a fuel economy of 27 km/liter on a highway.

Suzuki also has a 1.5L G16B engine which delivers 134 hp and a fuel economy of 21.56 km/Liter. This car will cost you Shs 22 million in the bond.

Nissan Teana and Nissan Fuga are midsize luxury sedans furnished with comfort and luxury amenities. Teana and Fuga have the efficient and responsive VQ engines designed with continuous Variable Valve timing and mated with continuous velocity transmissions. Teana 2003 will cost you Shs25 million in the bond.


Teana’s 2.3L VQ23DE V6 engine delivers 171 hp and highway fuel efficiency of 12.04 Km/Liter. Nissan Fugaa 2001 will cost 30 million Uganda shillings.

Its 2.5 Liter V6 VQ25DE engine delivers 207 hp and fuel efficiency of 11.8 km/ Litre. Fuga has the 3.5Litre V6 VQ35DE which delivers 276hp and a highway fuel economy of 9.2 - 10 km/ Liter.

The Nissan Skyline AaKAa Prince/Gloria is a midsize compact executive car with the VQ35DE engine. You can get it as a sedan or coupe. Fuel economy is the same as the 3.5L Fuga. However cost price in the bonds is Shs 41 million.