What are the merits of Pajero io?

Thursday April 18 2019


By Paul Kaganzi

Hello Paul, would you advise me to buy a pajero io for my wife? Please tell me its merits and demerits. Joel

Hello Joel, merits for the Pajero io include fuel efficiency thanks to its small size and efficient gasoline direct injection (GDi) fuel delivery technology. The io is a tough small 4WD with high and low range gears. Also, its ground clearance, cleverly designed space for passengers and cargo give it practicality.

On the downside, the GDi engine technology (fuel rail sensor and fuel injectors) is very intolerant to dirt in fuel and requires fuel designed with cleaning additives and efficiency improvers. The fuel and air filters must be maintained periodically.

You have to look hard to find a well-maintained used one. If you find one with a good history, you need to maintain it with genuine oil filters and high standard reputable engine oil blended with varnish, corrosion and sludge control additives to protect the sensitive valve train.

There are a number of Mitsubishi ios that are running well due to good maintenance. Equally, there are many that have failed because of poor maintenance and use of regular fuels and low quality filters. You can buy a good one from the bond with no bad service history and maintain it well.