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ASK THE MECHANIC: What causes fuel injector damage?

Thursday November 29 2018

Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail 

By Paul Kaganzi

Hello Paul, I drive a Nissan X-Trail and it has okay until I started having problems with failing fuel injectors. Different mechanics keep selling me fuel injectors which work for a few weeks and fail again. What could be damaging them and how can I solve the problem? Irene.

Hello Irene, you most likely have a dirty fuel system with corrosion and deposits in the fuel tank and fuel lines, a common problem with all cars. It is not easy to flush corrosion and deposits from some of the inaccessible points in the fuel system. I suggest you switch to fuelling your car with the new Shell V-Power designed with Dynaflex technology.
Shell V-Power has a formulation 3 X more powerful than the improved new Shell FuelSave Unleaded that will immediately clean up the old corrosion and deposits in your Nissan’s fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel injectors as well as the intake valves. Shell V-Power will keep these fuel system components free from further deposit build up as well as improve efficiency (power and fuel economy) by lubricating to prevent frictional energy loss at the upper piston ring. Your need for more engine power will be resolved by V-Power’s higher octane 95 which allows controlled combustion to prevent cylinder knock which allows your engine to achieve peak performance.