What could be wrong with my steering?

Friday December 29 2017


Hi Paul, I drive a Subaru Forester. I feel my steering is too loose and I have done constant alignment but in vain. What could be the problem? Joe B

Hello Joe, when your steering feels ‘loose’ or ‘wandering’, it has excessive ‘play’. In this situation a motorist has no precise or accurate control of the front wheels during steering.

A steering will feel loose if you turn the steering wheel for more than 1-1.5 inches without moving the wheels.
Your mechanic should inspect the intermediate components between the steering wheel and the tyres. Steering linkages or tie rod ends which are found in both the rack and pinion steering designs should be examined for wear.

Worn-out tie rods will make the steering feel loose and may rattle, squeak or affect steering alignment. A worn-out pitman arm can cause the steering to feel loose.

The Pitman connects the steering wheel to the steering rack when the teeth of its gear wear out it will slip as you turn the steering.

Worn-out ball joints will cause excessive play of the steering and a knocking noise when you drive on uneven surface. Ball joints connect your vehicles wheel hubs to the suspension.