What should I do to ensure my engine lasts?

Thursday June 25 2020


By Paul Kaganzi

Hello Paul, I have a Toyota Vitz, 1999 model. I recently took it to a mechanic who opened the engine and it ended up knocking but I replaced it with a used one. How long should I take before replacing the engine oil and what precautions should I take to ensure that it lasts? Silver

Hello Silver, an engine knock often results from mechanical damage inside the engine. This mechanical damage is usually the result of poor lubrication and poor system maintenance, which leads to the damage of fast moving and very hot internal engine parts.

Once in a while, an engine will knock because it has been repaired with substandard parts or mistakes made during assembling.

With regards to the used engine you recently bought, you ought to carry out a precautionary timing belt replacement in case its history or mileage exceeds the replacement interval of 100,000 kilometres. This will prevent potential engine valve and piston damage in the event that the timing belt breaks. Toyota recommends engine oil which meets viscosity index 15W40.

Use of good engine oil and periodical service with genuine Toyota filters will protect your engine. In case you park this car without use for more than six months, it is recommended that you drain and replenish it with new oil as it ages with time even when you do not drive the car.