Which Mercedes ML350 is faster?

Thursday July 4 2019


By Paul Kaganzi

Hello Paul, Could you help me understand the difference in speeds of the Mercedes. One has 160 UK standard and another one of 260 KM Japan standard. Do these two cars have the same speed or one is faster than the other? If you were to buy this Mercedes would you buy it from UK or Japan? Which one would you choose? Godfrey

Hello Godfrey, what you see on the instrument clusters are the odometer car speeds.

The odometer on the Mercedes in the UK is in miles per hour (MPH) while that of the Mercedes built for Japan is in kilometres per hour (KPH). 160 MPH is the equivalent of 257.4 (approx 260) KPH.

Therefore, the Mercedes built for the UK market will be as fast as that one built for the Japanese market since they both have the same size of engines.

UK and some areas of Japan have the challenge of car corrosion damage because of winter salt. This is a problem because corrosion will damage the under ride, floor, suspension, brakes and wheels of the car. Have the car inspected to rule that out.

A diagnostic report of the engine, transmission and electrics helps to avoid buying a faulty car. An independent car inspection report would also help.