Who should change my car fuel filter?

Thursday June 18 2020

fuel filter for your car

The fuel filter traps particles, debris and impurities before they reach the fuel injectors. FILE PHOTO 

By Paul Kaganzi

Hello Paul, I own a Corona Premio 2001 and would like to know if the petrol stations where I usually change my spark plugs also sell fuel filters and if their mechanics can change them? Nathan

Hello Nathan, a fuel filter sieves corrosion and dirt particles in the fuel as it flows from a car’s fuel tank to the fuel injectors. Replacing a car long life fuel filter like the one on your Toyota Corona Premio requires the following; reasonable level of mechanical skill set and experience, special tooling for some cars, a spacious and safe environment.

A long life fuel filter is the kind you do not replace at every oil service (like the older generation diesel engines). Hence, these fuel filters are fitted along the high pressure fuel line in the engine bay, under the car or in the fuel tank.
The fuel system is a crucial and sensitive part of your car’s performance. Therefore, the fuel filter must be procured from an authorised dealer of your car to ensure that it is not a counterfeit.

A small mistake during fitting can prevent the car from starting or even cause a fire. A reasonable level of skills, knowledge and experience is required to be able to access, remove and replace the old fuel filter with a new one safely.

Often, you need special tools or wrenches to remove covers and access fuel filters fitted in the fuel tank such as in your car.
A fuel filter replacement job should be carried out with safety in mind. Recommended guidelines should be followed to ensure prevention of accumulation of fumes, fuel spillage or leaks and electric or static ignition of fire. The environment should be spacious with fire prevention protocols.
In my opinion, you need a motor garage which meets the above standards to replace your fuel filter.