Why are my brake pads wearing out?

Thursday June 28 2018


Hi Paul, I drive a Toyota Harrier but ever since I hired a driver, the brake pads wear out faster. I always buy genuine brake pads from Toyota Uganda. What could be wrong?

Hello Jane, you need to observe your driver’s driving style because he may need to make some adjustments to prolong the brake pad lifespan. It is important to avoid braking late by anticipating the traffic. Applying the brakes hard and suddenly is unpleasant and unnerving to your car occupants and other motorists. Hard braking all the time will cause premature wear of brake pads, discs and tyres.

Braking should be done progressively while monitoring the traffic situation. Hard braking should only happen during emergencies. Avoid braking hard when driving downhill. This has a dragging effect and will increase brake pad and disc wear.

When driving down a steep hill, it is best to use lower gears (engine braking) and only apply brakes lightly when you are at the bottom of the hill. Avoid keeping the foot on the brake pedal when crawling in traffic or driving downhill.