Why is my Range Rover tyre swollen?

Thursday August 1 2019


By Paul Kaganzi

Hello Paul, my Range Rover Sport tyre has a swelling on the side. What is the cause and how can I prevent it? Harry.

Hello Harry, what you see on your tyre side wall is called a bulge, lump or bubble. This means that the internal tyre side wall structure has been damaged. A tyre side wall structure is composed of layers of synthetic plies, carcas ply with wire which protect the air tight rubber.

When the tyre sidewall structure is damaged the air tight but softerer rubber will bulge at the point where the protective sidewall layers have given way. The tyre side wall will experience a cut or tear usually caused by driving fast over tarmac pot holes, clipping or hitting the road kerbs or driving over construction debris.

Rarely frequent overloading of under inflated tyres will also damage tyre sidewalls. Tyre sidewall bulging is not repairable, you will need to replace the affected tyre(s). Driving on tyres with side wall bulges pauses a risk of tyre failure or bursting when you drive fast and the tyre heats up.