Why is my instrument cluster not working?

Thursday August 06 2020

Hello Paul, I have a Toyota Regius Wind Tourer. The battery was acting up so a friend opted to install his to start up my car but mistakenly reversed the polarity. Now only the battery and engine lights on the dash appear and nothing else responds on ignition. What could be the damage and how much will it cost to fix? Andrew

Hello Andrew, Misaligning polarity (RED +ve/ BLACK -ve) of battery leads (cables) while connecting to your car’s battery terminals must have caused a short circuit. This could have burnt a fuse for a circuit to the instrument cluster.

In some extreme cases, this kind of mistake can damage electronic control modules for the engine, transmission, SRS or ABS modules. In newer cars it can damage electronic keys.
A good mechanic or technician should be able to establish the extent of damage and resolve the problem by replacing the burnt fuse to restore the circuit of this instrument cluster.

Mazda with persistent ABS light
Hello Paul, my Mazda Demio 2005 ABS light is on and the mechanic I had trusted does not seem to have a solution after taking money from me saying he was going to replace the sensors. What could be the problem? Juliana

Hello Juliana, the ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) light persistently displays on your dashboard if the system is faulty. ABS helps you to safely brake your car without skidding on slippery surfaces. If the fault light is showing, then the system is not working as it should. This system relies on different components and the wheel speed sensors are one of the components.

The other components that can cause ABS break down include the ABS circuit relay, ABS modulator and ABS computer. To tell what maybe causing the problem, one needs a computer diagnostic check. The technician should be able to interpret the fault codes correctly for attention.