Can I use engine oil in my sewerage system?

Thursday September 12 2019


By Paul Kaganzi

Would you recommend someone to spill a bit of car engine oil in a water drain leading to a septic tank/soak pit in a bid to rid themselves of pests that infest the tank/pit? The reason I am asking is because I want to get an alternative to using harmful pesticides. Adam

Hello Adam, pouring waste car engine oil or other car fluids into your sewerage drain system or soak pit is a ‘no, no!’. Waste engine oil becomes toxic after continous exposure to engine heat during it’s working life.
The contaminants from waste engine oil are not biodegradable like your sewerage and will seep through the sewerage and drainage system into the nearby water table and soils. This will harm the environment, plants and aquatic life such as the fish we eat. Used engine oil is carcinogenic and can contribute to cancer if not handled properly.
Imagine that level of toxicity released into the environment! Use of waste engine oil in your sewerage system will also clog the drain pipe because motor oil is denser than water.
This oil could also coat and damage the pipe work. Waste oil should not be poured in the bush or rubbish heap. Disposal of waste engine oil should be handled by professionals or qualified entities to avoid environmental damage.
To control the pests in your sewerage system and home, engage registered and professional fumigators who will use approved pesticides which are not harmful to the environment.

Should I buy used tyres with winter specifications?
Hi Paul, I need to replace my Ipsum’s badly worn out tyres. Iam not yet able to buy new ones. Is it okay if I buy used tyres with winter specifications. They seem to have new treads which can last a while. Rogers.

Hello Rogers, I wouldn’t recommend buying used tyres and especially the winter type you are looking at.
Used winter tyres are very risky because they might be expired and could burst when you drive them fast on a hot sunny day or the treads may simply peel off causing loss of control as you drive.
Used tyres can seem to be a cost saver or stop gap measure to buy you time before you purchase the new tyres.
However they are likely to be expired with weak side walls and worn out or reduced tread depth. Besides the risk of tread separation, used tyres with reduced tread depth may not maintain grip on wet slippery roads or during emergency braking and manoeuvring. Winter tyres are designed and composed with materials and compounds suitable for operation in cold temperatures.
When you drive on used winter tyres they are likely to fail and may blow out or experience tread separation which may lead to a catastrophy.

What should I look out for in a Subaru Legacy GT?

Someone is selling a Subaru legacy GT at Shs6m. The alternator runs non stop, over charges the battery and was about to burst. Could there be other issues for the car to be this cheap? Kon. B


Hello Kon, does the Subaru start and run?
You need to take it to a garage for inspection by a qualified car electrician. A voltage and alternator testor can be used to confirm the status of its alternator. You may need to replace that Subaru’s alternator. It may have a faulty regulator which is not easy to repair because of unavailable spare parts. Occasionally a wrong type battery can cause an alternator to overcharge especially in newer type vehicles built with battery control module. To confirm if that Subaru is worth the Shs6m, check the condition of the engine lubrication system, get an engine compression test to confirm that it doesnt burn oil. Check the automatic gearbox too. A road test is a good idea to get a general feel.