When you need to get a car cover

Thursday November 30 2017


By Jude Katende

For quite some time I would ask why someone would wrap their cars in a cover.
I used to think it was just for show every time I would see one. It was an unusual sight then that has in the last five years become common, especially among people who own luxury cars.

Cars covers are a necessity to some cars, especially in the current unpredictable weather.
Apart from the harsh realities of the weather, Uganda has plenty of dust which exposes car paints to a number of damages.
Most car paints are sensitive to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, which make them crack or pale in some cases.

Some car covers are custom made to fit particular car models but there are also some outdoor car covers that are universal.
In order to get the best possible cover, there are certain things you should lookout for such as brand and car format.

Brands such as Coverking and Covercraft offer the best car covers with designs that can withstand the tough realities of a relatively humid and dusty country.

One should also look out for whether the car cover is a universal fit or a custom fit.
Custom fit covers hug the completing curve and different protrusions. While universal covers fit on any car regardless of shape and make. Car covers also diffe in terms of specifications. Some are purposely made for indoor functions while others are for outdoor protection.

Outdoor covers protect the car from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and dust while indoor covers protect the car from coming in contact with dust and water which might make it rust.


Outdoor car covers are tough enough to protect against severe weather, tree sap and bird droppings, among others.
While indoor covers are relatively soft and light.

Fitting a car cover

Car covers are easy to fit and take less than five minutes.
They are usually wrapped up into small bags from where they are safely kept when not in use.

Simply locate the front part of the car cover — which is usually marked front before securing it to front bumper.
Pull the rest of the cover over your vehicle and pull it backwards before securing it under the rear bumper.

If you do not have a retractable antenna, you will need to mark the spot where the antenna hits the car cover.
Then, apply an adhesive-backed patch to that spot and punch a hole in the center of the patch.