Bidco invests Shs27b into detergent production to out-compete imports

The Bidco Uganda Limited Complex. The firm has invested in detergent production to battle imports. FILE PHOTO

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Motivation. Company wants to give consumers an option in choice and price.

Kampala. If local companies want to out-muscle imports, they must be prepared to invest in quality products, Bidco Uganda managing director Kodey Rao has said.
According to Mr Rao, Bidco Uganda has invested about $10 million (about Shs27 billion) in production of detergents that could change the attitude of Ugandans towards imported products.
Speaking during the launch of the White Star Magic, a new washing detergent by Bidco Uganda, Mr Rao said most of the detergents are imported and therefore introduction of the new product will give consumers an option both in terms of choice and price.
At the same news conference, Bidco general manager Suvrajit Ghosh, said: “We have invested $10 million (about Shs27billion) in just this product (White Star Magic) because we want to get rid of imported products from the market.”
He continued: “And by next year we will spend another $1million (nearly Shs3 billion) in marketing—all this is because we want Ugandans to buy Ugandan made product which is as good or even better than the imported ones. As Ugandan companies we have the ability to be the best and change the mindset of our people against imported products.”
It further emerged that as a result of the expanded product line, the company which has been around for nearly a decade now not only generates about Shs120 billion in government revenues but has since invested more than $120million (about Shs332 billion) in Uganda.
Meanwhile, the government has passed a policy called “Buy Uganda Build Uganda” with a view to encourage consumption of local goods.
According to Trade minister Amelia Kyambadde, the policy is premised on the existing government policies that support and encourage the consumption of locally produced goods and services. The policy ultimately aims at giving prominence to locally produced goods over imported ones, more so where the government is the potential buyer.

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Bidco Uganda Limited believes that Uganda’s strength lies in agriculture and its agro based industries. It is from this perspective that oil Palm Uganda Limited undertook the Kalangala Oil Palm project. The project was and still part of the Ugandan Government Vegetable Oil Development Project (VODP) initiative geared towards increasing Vegetable oil production in Uganda.