ENHAS installs CCTV cameras

Friday May 9 2008

By Joseph Olanyo


Theft and lose of cargo at Entebbe International Airport's cargo area will now be minimised with the installation of 43 Closed Circuit  Television (CCTV) cameras.

The cameras installed by Entebbe Handling Services Ltd (ENHAS) in all its operational areas, will monitor movement of human beings, imports and exports at the busy transit bonds, which are prone to malpractices.
Theft of cargo at the airport, is reportedly jointly manipulated by a combined force of Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) staff, Clearing Agents and ENHAS staff deployed in the sensitive busy area.
Reports from ENHAS security officials indicate that the goods targeted by thieves at the airport are mainly electronics like laptops and mobile phones. In January this year, 14 laptops were stolen from the transit bond and have never been discovered to date. In another incident, which happened in September 2007, an ENHAS  Senior Security Officer Ms Dorcas Amollo, foiled an attempt by some culprits to steal a consignment of mobile phones.

The culprits  were found red handed inside a partially open transit bond container  packing the phones in sacks disguised as rubbish.
Before any clearance of cargo takes place, the bonds have to be opened by URA airport staff deployed in the area.

"These thefts are not done by one individual. It's through collaboration. There are those who pick, those who stand aside to signal in case of danger and those who manipulate paper work. Guys here can even steal a human being," a transit bond employee said on condition of anonymity.